How Many Different Ways Can You Cook a Chicken?

The most common question all chefs ask is "how to cook." I wonder how many cooking methods can be applied to the main ingredient. You can buy delicious kebab Christchurch via

 And remember, any part of the chicken can be a dish. Have you ever heard of chicken feet as a specialty?

I'll go in alphabetical order so we can add as we find more.

1.Beke – there are many recipes for grilled chicken; or whole (also known as a roast) or chicken/breast cut. We can also make delicious chicken cakes.

2. Blanche – You can put the chicken in boiling water first and then in ice-cold water before grilling the meat. That way you can lock in the juice. The water used for cooking can also be used as chicken stock.

3. Cooking – cook the chicken or get some delicious chicken soup, or the chicken can be cooked before cutting and served as a side dish with pasta with noodles. Also, cooking the chicken before grilling will reduce the cooking time.

You can also cook a double chicken; It cooks slowly for several hours, which requires you to cook the chicken in one pan in another pot of boiling water. It is cooked over indirect heat to cook more evenly. Delicious, but you have to be patient for the end result.

4. Choking – as if choking; add enough liquid to cover the meat (black soy sauce or just water) and let the chicken cook slowly. This usually occurs with chewy chicken pieces such as "Ayam Kampong" (hard free chicken).

5. Broilers – like grilled chicken; Moisten the chicken pieces with a little sauce, put on a baking sheet and cook for a few minutes. They're great for sandwiches or salads.