How To Choose A Top Management Consulting Firm

Management consulting firms hire interns at the end of their first year or at the midpoint of their graduate program. Top companies, such as BCG and Booz actively recruiting at universities and colleges to cooperate with the office of career services agencies.

Pay attention to the management consulting firm recruiting schedule and know when they plan to be on your campus; they are rarely hired for internships at other times of year. In other words, when they come to town, this is your best chance. You can check out best business consulting firms via various online source.

Most companies conduct campus visits them in the fall and winter. Most recruitment that took place during the remainder of the year to mid-career professionals changing careers or jobs.

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The company will arrive at your college and do some talking about a company information session, apprenticeship process, and what it was like to work as a consultant. After that, the interview will be arranged for students who are interested. The interview process will be very challenging for the company to management consulting to see how you stand under pressure against the candidates are equally qualified others.

The interviewer uses the case study method during the interview, which requires you to think fast on your feet to come up with a reasonable solution using analytical thinking. To do the best practice case study interviews analysis of business text books and publications such as the Wall Street Journal. The top management consulting firms have a section on their website with a sample case studies you can learn too.