Hottest Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures have always been popular since 1960 when they launched the first time. We have all seen in the Batman movies, comics and animation t.v. series. Of all action figures, there are more characters Batman toys than any other character. Know more about batman figure collection through 

Toy companies such as Hasbro and Kenner produces hundreds of Batman toys every year with so many variations. Batman statue favored by millions of people around the world. People of all ages like Batman and toys.

1. Batman Animated 

When 'Batman: The Animated Series "was released, Kenner produce a new line of toys based on the film. With this line of figures, Kenner introduced some new villains like Clay's face, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. Collectible toys from this collection were a hit and they sell like hot cakes. So, add the animated Batman action figure to your collection.

2. Batman Dark Knight 

In 2008, The Dark Knight Batman toy line is launched by toy manufacturer Mattel. Line Batman Dark Knight Action figure toy has a 5-inch toy. You'll find cool Bruce Wayne figure in this range. The figure villain 'Joker' has a cartoon-like face. Toys of this range come with Bat-Mobile and other gadgets.

3. Batman Joker 

Joker is the main villain against Batman. You see him in the movie and he also attended the joker action figure. toy action figure of joker preferred above all other villain. The Joker is very popular among the fans of Batman as he heads axis of all crimes against Batman.