Antique Ashtray – Great Collectable And Gift

The diversity and style of classic ashtrays ranged from easy, crystal bowls to fanciful and elaborate ceramic bits – based on what was trendy in this age.

At once ashtrays were small they were carried in a women handbag or pocket and'd covers. They have been objects of art in addition to functional receptacles for leftover ash- a gentleman's fashion accessory. Moreover, this could be a perfect gift for cigar lovers.  For more information about the best cigar gifts, you can visit .


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Additional ashtrays were so big that they had support from racks made from wrought iron. Elaborate ashtrays were frequently only 1 bit of an entire smoking collection which freed tobacco and living room tables in posh houses and gaming houses around Europe.

Ashtrays are made in the form of flowers or animals, hand painted, jeweled or stone dipped. After colored glass ashtrays were popular, painted or painted with scenes of landscape or blossoms. Over the years ashtrays were fabricated in every kind of substance; alloy ceramic or glass so long as it did not burn.

The Souvenir Antique Ashtray

The antique classic ashtray deserves a class of its own. It'd been that the tourists first bought for those excited to try to remember the places they'd seen with something decorative and useful. 

While most street purchased souvenir ashtrays were glamorous, those obtained from chambers at large class resorts made the best presents for friends at home. Ashtrays from faraway areas were more exotic such as steer skull ashtrays, alligator ashtrays or frog ashtrays from all over the world. These ashtrays are excellent to collect if you're able to locate them.